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Organising humanity’s knowledge

Explore a universe of nature, sciences, 
humanities, technologies, organisations and people.

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Browse the way your mind works

Intuitively explore your knowledge base with visual, context-rich navigation pathways

Level up your search

Maximize signal with semantic filtering and venn diagram search to get relevant results.

Make sense of your knowledge

See the big picture and get contextual insights for better sense and choice-making in seconds.

Properties on demand

Easily manipulate your data, pinpoint trends, and export your results.

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Find knowledge fast

In a graph, topics are interlinked and tagged, enabling powerful searching and filtering to help you find what you need faster.

One common space for collective sense-making

We can't make sense of our complex world with fragmented knowledge systems. It's time to unite humanity's siloed knowledge. Discover knowledge graphs in one free, open, shared space.

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Discover what you didn't know you didn't know

With Venn Diagram Search, conduct complex search queries simply, and discover whole new relationships between two or more topics.

All the power of The Brane for your own knowledge

The Brane gives you the freedom and tools to build infinitely scalable graphs of meaningfully connected topics. Get started today.

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Overhaul your organisation's knowledge infrastructure

Check out Private Knowledge Graph.

Manage the community's knowledge graphs

Desiloing fragmented knowledge is a complex and dynamic task. We need graph builders to actively moderate, curate and manage The Brane's public knowledge graphs.

Get involved

We're working against the clock. Leaders must be empowered with next-generation tools to understand the existential challenges we face.
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